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So, thanks to our wonderful observant members, I've discovered that you can't send to Featured. Thus, I must apologize for my unnecessary raging. You can ignore all the crap I've given you so far. As for changing the functions.... I can't do so. I set it so everyone could send to all the folders, but I'm not sure if someone changed it. Co-Founders, as I can see, also have nearly no control so I can't change the settings either, and I can't delete gallery folders either. PonyFiedArt probably won't ever come back on again, so this group is getting kinda defective....
Oh well. Thanks for tolerating my idiocy XD
I can't find any more time to sift though the Featured submits an send them to all the correct folders. Please, for the love of.... whatever, DO NOT SUBMIT TO THE FEATURED FOLDER. Unless I say otherwise, SUBMIT TO THE CORRECT FOLDER OF WHERE YOUR ARTWORK FALLS. Additionally, I am also seeing lots of artwork that doesn't concern any alicorns at all. If it contains one or two, I'll usually accept it, but please understand that though your work may be fantastic, it will not be featured here unless it has an alicorn. I would prevent Featured submits, but I cannot make those changes, as PonyFiedArt is the Founder, and I can't contact her anymore too well. I also can't have her help out with organizing anymore because of this, so I'm asking; "Can I get more free time and not spend an hour organizing and writing wall-of-texts like this?"

From now on, any submits to Featured or the wrong folder will be instantly refused, alicorns or not. If you can't find the right folder, send to the "To-Be-Sorted" folder. If you accidentally send to the Featured or wrong folder, I'll decline it, but you are free to send it in again, this time to the correct folder or "To-Be-Sorted" folder.

..... My fingers hurt. XD
So if you've been on recently, you'll notice that I've edited the group's avatar. I picked pieces of art randomly, so don't be offended if yours didn't (Or did) get into the avatar. So please don't kill me. I had good intentions D:

Drawings that Went In: (Don't read if you're going to kill me)

~ The Night Shall Last Forever by PixelKitties. Found here:
~ Princess Luna by Cannibalus. Found here:
~ Princess Cadance by Rose-Beuty. Found here:
~ The Fausticorn Card by The1King. Found here:
~ A shining star by MelodySArtist. Found here:
~ I Raise the Dawn by Moeru789. Found here:

BTW everyone's work is fantastic even if it didn't get in. Also, now to give everyone a chance, I'm thinking of doing a vote. Like, everyone votes on which pics should go into the icon every 5 months? If you like the idea please say so in the comments on this journal.

EDIT: Artwork that is on the group icon will be sent to Featured, then after 5 months I'll pick again and Featured artwork will be replaced.
Okay, I was on a serious study streak (Still am), but decided to take a break, come onto dA, and type this up.
I had this idea for the Featured Folder. I took everything out of the Featured folder; no one's art is there now. I decided to create a voting system, the most popular ones get into the Featured folder of the gallery for 6 months. I'll create a new journal every month to comment your votes, just don't ever comment on a journal with the previous entries or it will not be counted. Old voting journals will say '(CLOSED)' afterward. Voting deadline will be listed.

Voting Deadline: 4/30/14

FAQ (Without the Asked Questions XD):

1) Can I Vote For My Own Art?
Obviously yes, you have the most epic artwork on here. Vote for yourself, you deserve it.

2) Can The Same At Go Into More Than One Section?
Yes, but I'd rather have one piece of art in no more than 3 sections.

3) How Do I Cast A Vote?
Just comment. Copy and paste the sections, and type in the artwork and deviant who created it. Or, just put the thumbnail or link under the section you cast your vote on.

4) Can I Vote For Alicorn Art Outside The Group?
No, you cannot. However, what you can do is note me or PonyFiedArt, and link us the artwork. We can then attempt (We may not get the creator's permission) to put the artwork in Equestrian-Royalty, then you can vote for it.

5) ... I Have A Question That Hasn't Been Answered Here...
No problem whatsoever, just note me, PonyFiedArt, or Equestrian-Royalty as a whole itself, and ask your question. Or, to make your life easier, just comment. However, please write in bold at the top of your comment QUESTION, so we know it's a question and not a vote. Sorry for the inconvenience. How to bold: Type in < b > without the spaces, and to end it, type in </ b > (Also without spaces).

Sorry for wasting your time, but here are the sections you need to fill out (Quite a lot), but I hope this works out. :meow:

Best Of All Time:

Most Useful Vector:

Best Digital Artwork:

Best Traditional Artwork:

Well-Crafted Plush:

Best Celestia Artwork:

Best Luna Artwork:

Best Cadence/Cadance Artwork:

Best Twilight Sparkle Artwork:

Best Alicorn-ized Pony:

Creative OC:

Most Impact:

Well-Crafted Sculpture:

Well-Designed Embroidery:

Best Metalwork:

Best Cosplay/Fursuit:

Most Used Wallpaper:

Most Creative Crossover:

Comic You Always Come Back to Read:

Exquisitely Done Pixel or Perler:

Well-Thought Through Ship:

Nicely Drawn Equestria Girl, Human, or Anthro:

Funniest Drawing:

Darkest Drawing:

Most Peaceful Drawing:

Excitement-Packed Drawing:


These journals are usually to do with group stuff (Duh there) but also news, like inactivity, or stuff like that.
I Want To Play A Game by GlitchKing123

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